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Dear Visitors! We want to draw your attention on the fact that not all the projects fulfilled by EleganceIT are presented here. You can view only projects made for our direct customers. EleganceIT commonly works for international clients using offshore outsourcing model, so our Company doesnt have any copyright for such projects. And thus cant place information on the site.
Mobile application for testing relationships with the second half
Technologies: -
Efforts: 3 man-days
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Citylandmark Paris
Citylandmark Paris
This mobile application gives all information about the city of Paris to user.
Technologies: iPhone, BlackBerry, Objective C, J2ME, GPS
Efforts: 4 man-months
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Mobile Application for Playing Golf
mobile application for playing golf
Application determines the position of the player on the field and shows the distance to nearest interceptions on the field, and all other factors influence the game
Technologies: J2ME, C++, Objective C, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, GPS
Efforts: 12 man-months
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Mobile Video Streaming
Application of new generation which gives opportunity to user to watch his favorite TV programs with the help of his cell phone.
Technologies: J2ME, C#, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone
Efforts: 8 man-months
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BulbTest is exciting quiz for those who want to check their knowledge in different spheres.
Technologies: iPhone, Objective C
Efforts: 2 man-months
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Innovative solution for lottery business
Technologies: J2ME, 3d-Max
Efforts: 2 man-months
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Volleyball for Iphone
Exclusive Volleyball Game Application was developed especially for iPhone users. Unlike standard conception of simple volleyball game, EleganceIT proposes its unique version
Technologies: iPhone, Objective C
Efforts: 2 man-months
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