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Project development process can be divided into three parts: Project start up, Project Development and Project Support.


Project Start up

Contact EleganceIT

An eventual client makes contact with EleganceIT in any accessible way of communication (application form, e-mail, Skype, telephone) and describes his project. There is no need in detailed specification. The main thing is to specify the aims that the customer expects to decide via the software on order. During one business-day EleganceIT analysts contact the customer.

Information processing

At this stage EleganceIT business-analysts communicate with the customer trying to gather the required functional and to write the necessary instruction upon the project based on the customer’s aims. It’s very desirable that the customer participates at this stage.


Business proposal

When all business requirements are studied out, EleganceIT makes a business proposal where the functional, its advantages and cost are clearly presented. It should be noted that EleganceIT proposes the functional that will be the best version for the customer and corresponds to his budget expectations and requirements.



To protect the project information or your personal intellectual property EleganceIT is ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Project Development

Project Preparations

This stage intends that all the final requirements are gathered, functional specification is scripted, project team is formed, Project plan is developed. This stage takes 5 – 15 % of all project duration.


Project Development Architectural Phase

This stage includes the development of mock-ups, design and system architecture. Usually it takes 15 – 30 % of all  project duration.


Project Development Coding Phase

It’s the largest project stage. It takes 50 – 75% of total project time. It includes a lot of coding, development and testing.


Project Transition

This stage presents the project installation. Depending on the type and the project budget this stage can include User Manual scripting, single modules modification, additional testing, etc.
Project Transition stage is usually passes to the Project Support stage.

Project Support

Any project if it works, sooner or later, needs functional updating, content support, internet-promotion, etc. EleganceIT is interested in its customers’ projects success and is ready to funnel all energies into the decision of all technical, content problems or any promotional problems.




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