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The Customer and EleganceIT discuss the communication model in advance at the RFP stage. It should be noted that it is rather difficult to make an exact classification of outsourcing communication models because our clients  live in different time zones; they have projects of different levels of complication and types, each customer has different possibilities to participate in the development process, different development methodologies are used in the projects, etc.
EleganceIT offers a list of communication tools and the customer  forms the necessary model for himself.


It is an obligatory communication tool. E-mail is used to sign an agreement, to confirm the project documentation, functionality, design, sending invoices, change requests and project accounts.

Online Messengers

This communication tool is used to solve small problems, discuss the project, precise several moments. But if the serious decision was made via online messenger, it should be sent via e-mail to all the developers working with this project.
EleganceIT  online messengers are Skype, MSN  and ICQ. If the customer has none of these programs, EleganceIt is ready to communicate via the messenger proposed by the customer.


This communication tool is the best way to discuss the results of the project accounts, to specify new project aims. It gives the possibility for several people to discuss the project. During the discussion the best decision can be found.

Business trip

This communication tool is a good supplement for long-term projects.
The customer has the opportunity to come to EleganceIT in Minsk to make the acquaintance of the team, to make strategic decisions, to control the development process. EleganceIT employees have a possibility to go to the Customer to develop the project, to teach  his staff how to use the software developed by EleganceIT or any other intentions.

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