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Apps development for iPad from EleganceIT. Today

Apple iPad will be put up for sale only at the end of March this year, but Elegance IT is offering you to port existing applications or develop new apps for iPad today. No doubt, this new Apple's gadget will cause ever-growing demand for new applications, and using our services, you will not miss your chance to skim the cream on the market irrespective of your professional activity (whether it is online media, boutique, online shopping, brands, or private professional services).

Remember Steve Detemer, this is an excellent example in the long line of success stories of those people who have the gift of foresight. At his time, Steve, the developer of the legendary and very popular Trism, devoted all his energy and time to AppStore, working until 5 am and all his efforts eventually resulted in about 250 000 dollars. Yes, it was his gold mine. Hundreds and hundreds of developers immediately rushed in Steve’s footsteps, but only a few managed to earn such fantastic sums.

However, today this opportunity is coming back for iPad apps developers. How many devices are “on hand” now? The answer is “zero”. So why do not to consider applications development for iPhone or iPod Touch?  Yes, it is a logical idea to produce new product for more than 75 million of potential buyers. However, developing software for iPad you invest your money in the future.

According to Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iPhone software at Apple Inc, all the iPad users entering AppStore will be redirected to the iPad applications page. And why do we so sure that users will buy new apps from iPad? The statistics shows that 90% of purchases in AppStore were made from iPhone. Therefore, we do not think that the situation with iPad will differ.

In addition, iPad offers significantly enlarged touch screen that provides more opportunities for developers.

Do not miss your chance! Our customers have already ordered new iPad apps and you also can develop new games, apps for great outdoors, for music and many others. Alternatively, you may be interested in transferring of existing applications to the iPhone / iPad platform. Drop us a line!
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