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Why EleganceIT?

Team Qualification

The main producers’ goods in a software business are not computers but people operating computers. Our hiring department makes a great demand for entry for our potential candidates. Besides technical knowledge of different technologies, as our candidates must speak fluently at least one  foreign language and have reading comprehension of English technical documentation. 90 % of our employees possesses  one or some higher educations. 10 % of our employees are getting higher education but they have already proved that they are well-deserved developers.

Top management consists of skilled specialists who are the winners of Republic and World software development and economy competitions.

Team Stability

Team’s stability is the best mark of team spirit and staff qualification. It also points the conditions that employer gives to the staff. In 2007 EleganceIT Personnel turnover rate was only 5 %. This number comments itself.


Confidence of our  clients is company’s main purpose.  We understand the customer who can hardly confide his project to the company that is located far away from him.

EleganceIT applies all forces to make the customer feel comfortable and we give the possibility to observe all the project process.

Videoconference helps the customer to communicate and see each developer implicated in the project.

The customer also has an access to all project planning systems. It gives him the possibility to observe the project and take part in its development process over the period of development, see the progress and how emerging problems can be solved.

Honesty and transparency  are the key project success factors.


Quality is the most prevailing word in EleganceIT Company. In January 2008 Elegance IT confirmed ISO – 9001 – 2000 certificate. In its turn, it proves management and project organization quality in our company.

Depending on the project we use RUP and Agile methodologies in the software development process.

As it is known, there is no ideal but Elegance IT is seeking after it emphasizing on quality.

Offshore Costs

Price is not the last factor when you choose a developer. EleganceIT is ready to offer prices that are lower  in several times than in the USA or Western Europe. price depends on the project sophistication and the model of cooperation that the customer has chosen. 

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Belarus, Minsk

Address: 2-1208 Melnikayte st
Phone: +375 17 226 84 26
e-mail: info@eleganceit.com
Asia, Kuala Lumpur

Address: 7-2, Jalan Puteri 2/2 Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Phone: +60 10 2352478
e-mail: asia@eleganceit.com
Russia, Moscow

Address: 3-304 Dobrolubova st
Phone: (495) 604 48 47
e-mail: russia@eleganceit.com
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