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Why outsourcing to Belarus?

Choosing a country where you want to outsource your services it is essential to know all outsourcing  advantages of this country. 

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Since soviet times Belarus was known as the most technically advanced republic in former Soviet Union. Achieved independence, Belarus saved a world-leading system of technical education, which focused before on Russian’s civil and military software development needs.  Nowadays our universities, scientific institutes, labs, schools continue graduating highly qualified technical specialists. Belarusians win different world’s programming championships,  illustrate qualification and experience levels higher  than any competitor country.Favorable Location


The Republic of Belarus is located in the geographical center of Europe between Russia in the East and Poland in the West. It takes only about 2 hours by air to get to Minsk from Berlin. Governmental Support

Time difference between Belarus and Europe is 1-2 hours, and between Belarus and the USA - 7-9 hours. The time difference with USA is very beneficial for American customers because it allows us to move forward projects twice as fast as if they were in the same time-zone!

It gives you the opportunity to review the results of past work in the morning, set new tasks and send it over to Belarus in the evening! Then while you are sleeping, Belarusian developers work on your project.

Belarusian government supports the companies operating in IT sphere. According  to Decree No. 12 of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated September 22, 2005,  High Technology Park was created  in Belarus. It provides outstanding business conditions with preferential taxation for outsourcing software development companies.

Elegance IT, software development company incorporated in Belhard Holding , was admitted to High Technology Park in 2006.

Affordable Costs

The other main reason to outsource in Belarus is the cost. The average rate per hour of Belarusian software development companies is 6-10 times lower then in the USA or in Western Europe. It should be noted that Belarusian programmers are well-qualified specialists and for these reasons Belarus can be regarded as an ideal place to outsource your projects.

A high level of “Internetisation

Belarus is the world pro-eminent Internet power among the countries in transition. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published 350 pages “Information Economy report 2007 – 2008. Science and technology for development: the new paradigm of ICT”. According to this report, over the 2002 to 2006 period the countries in transition had the highest annual Internet access expansion rate where Belarus took the leading position. Over the 2002 to 2006 period the amount of Internet users increased from 8, 2 % till 56, 5 %, i. e. it increased almost sevenfold.

Belarus has higher Internet access level than Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Italy and other industrially advanced countries. The average number of Belarusian Internet Users is considerably superior to the Belarus neighbouring countries: Latvia (46, 6 %), Lithuania (31, 7 %), Poland (28, 9 %), Russia (18 %) and Ukraine (11, 9 %). These facts prove that Belarus has a high directivity and a great interest in the world IT – market.

Know why to choose EleganceIT software company as your outsourcing partner in Belarus.



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