Why should you become an IT specialist?

December 27th, 2013

At present, among many spheres we have in the economies there is only one which has been blooming for the last decade – the sphere of information technology. This is the part of the world economy which is developing in spite of all the crisis situations and failures – they hire new employees, create new advanced products that change our lives completely and introduce advanced technologies that are likely to change the future.

That is why; it goes without saying that many young people are really attracted by the IT field.

What do they have in their minds? Why do they choose information technology as their future career?
As soon as a young person finishes school, they have to decide upon a college or a university. Most of them prefer places where they offer IT Degree program.

When people choose this specialization, they stick to the point that this technology is rather new, and it still has great future and good perspectives. It has changed our lives so much that we don’t even remember how we lived before we had cloud computing or an antivirus solution, or Facebook.

People also know that this is the sphere where really skilled specialists are appreciated and valued in every possible way. For example, after you have finished one of the Western Tech Programs and you have got reliable education and have gained certain experience, you will get the maximum salary possible, lots of various benefits and so on.

This is the niche where you can continue your education and upgrade, improve your knowledge all your life. After having worked in the IT branch you become more flexible and intelligent, and, thus, you can succeed in life by setting up your own business for instance.

The last reason can be that this sphere does not suppose any retirement if you do not wish it yourself. It means you can continue as much as you can, earning money as long as you are able to do it.

As you can see, there are pretty many reasons to join the IT sphere. The very first thing that you should do is to get some background in numerous colleges around the country e.g. Western Technical College.

The necessity to monitor the IT infrastructure of the company

November 2nd, 2013

With the development of the technology software development companies do expand their IT infrastructure, which includes all the hardware and software that a company possesses.

The necessity to monitor IT infrastructures occurred after a series of failures and crashes which led to million losses of profits.

We can say in general that not many companies offer monitoring software for IT infrastructure, because to create such kind of solution they need to consolidate and unified the monitoring of websites, servers, the network and so on. Besides, such type of solutions is not going to be cheap at all.

At the same time, the demand for this very type of software is high because of the growth of IT in the world of business.

In order to cuts costs on purchasing the IT infrastructure monitoring software firms refer to cloud technologies and choose cloud-based software which has a range of benefits over the usual tools. For example, they don’t require additional software and hardware to be bought; it is possible to access and use it any time you wish; such tools are usually easy to install and to use later.

Such software like Anturis includes the features which are able to monitor websites of the company, web apps, servers, databases and networks as well. This type of solutions is able to follow external and internal monitoring of the system.

If we speak about external monitoring i.e. websites, such monitoring is performed remotely, at any geographical location without installing any additional software by adding only an URL of the site. The whole monitoring process takes about 5 minutes.

You can also monitor easily the internal services of the infrastructure starting from servers and up to intranet apps. This very solution Anturis takes the overall picture of the whole infrastructure of the company and notices of any misbehavior or malware. Thus, as soon as a fault is detected, an alert is sent to warn. You are likely to get alerts in all ways possible – by SMS, by email or even by phone call.

What is more, most tools offer troubleshooting which is a chance for people who are not so familiar with IT to avoid serious damage to their IT infrastructure.

Keeping the IT infrastructure healthy is the primary goal of the company. If you do take care of the whole system, you are sure not get any unexpected problems which are possible to damage your business seriously. Therefore, installing and implementing any type of IT infrastructure monitoring software should become a must.

BBC has introduced new Weather mobile applications

August 13th, 2013

Over the past year BBC company has been working to offer customers some more detailed weather information including hourly forecasts for UK locations and three-hourly international forecasts. This has become quite popular with those who check the BBC weather website and those who contact BBC to say how pleased they are with this increase in data.

The representatives of BBC say they have noticed that more and more users visit their website with the help of mobile devices. So it was decided to review how they can use this data to bring customers weather information whenever and wherever they need it.

The launch of the BBC Weather mobile applications for Android and iOS marks a great step in beginning to meet this demand. It is going to enable users to access clear, detailed and up to date forecasts just with a simple click.

The Android version is already available in Google Play store as well as an iPhone version is available in iTunes store.

To create the application that would be really required and popular BBC held a survey where customers were asked about what they wanted from the mobile application. It became clear that one of the most important needs is to get quick forecast for the day. It is also important for users to be able to get forecast for the next few days to help in planning. So the application has five days of forecast information but this is going to be increased to match the website.

The introduction of these mobile applications is just the start of the improvements to BBC Weather on mobile devices. In the past few months the company invited hundreds of users to try out prototype versions and take part in testing sessions. So the application is expected to be one of the most popular with users not only in UK but throughout Europe.

Feeling safe while you are in London

August 7th, 2013

Whatever city you visit for your IT projects negotiations and presentation of your new software solutions, you consider safety as one of the most important things in the world. We are all sure that London is the best place in the world to travel and to study, but things happen when you are there.

Here are some tips how to feel safe in London.

Coming to London for the first time requires from you certain preparations. At least, you need to read a lot about the place you are going to live and to get housing for students in London where you are going to stay for some time.

London is a big city with plenty of people everywhere. That is why, you should be particularly careful with your valuables there. It is better not to carry much cash. Don’t leave your things unattended in public places, and the most important point is not to attract additional attention to yourself.

If you have to have a flatshare London students, be sure to get a separate room where you can lock all your goods safely. But it is better to find some friends or acquaintances to help you sharing the flat in London at least for the first time.

Before even coming to the city, try to find out all the information about the most dangerous places in London, where it is not safe enough to go out and to rent a flat. You should be aware of such places before you get students flats London. You can be attracted by cheap prices and other attractive conditions, but who needs them when it is dangerous to walk there?

Safety is the first thing to consider when you come to another city and London in particular. Following some usual tips can make your staying in London unforgettable.

How to monitor your IT infrastructure if you do not have an IT department in your company?

June 18th, 2013

monitoringModern economy is made up not only of big corporations which rule the world’s business, but of a great number of small firms which occupy their own niches and make enough profits to live on and earn.

Nobody can deny that small business is an essential part of any country’s economy, as they provide a lot of irreplaceable services for the society, and they also give many working places.

Being so beneficial for the society, small companies are fragile at the same time. They should do their best to compete with large business dinosaurs to survive in the world of business; they are at risk being overtaken or bought; tiny companies have to fight for their information security most of all.

It is a well-known fact that small business cannot afford to set up a separate IT department which is going to take care of the security. As well, they are not able to hire well-paid specialists who will supervise the safety and security matters.

The only way out for such companies is to attract modern technologies to control the whole IT infrastructure of the firm. The IT infrastructure of the company consists of a company network, a site, servers, databases and others. Every single part needs considering and controlling.

At lot of companies are ready to help small businesses and develop monitoring tools which can cater for the whole IT infrastructure in a small company. The choice of solutions is rather wide. Every firm has a chance to choose monitoring software to their exact needs.

Monitoring solutions assess every part of the IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world and analyze any platforms, databases, networks. After examining the whole system, a tool will provide the corresponding alerts and troubleshooting schemes.

Troubleshooting is a necessity for small businesses, as they are able to copy with the troubles aroused practically immediately. This feature brings great possibilities to the management of the company. It allows to solve any problem connected with IT infrastructure of the firm; it lets save some finance of the business for other issues (that is rather important for a small business in terms of their limited budget).

One more important feature is that monitoring software for small businesses is not expensive, thus letting firms to economize means.

Improve you processes by workflow automation

May 28th, 2013

workflowMeasures to improve the workflow constitute an important process as much for individuals as for organizations and companies. Improving workflow can range from simple things like cutting down wasted time and resources to complex changes, such as restructuring or automating the whole work process or completely changing it to a more efficient one. It does not matter how large or small the process or job is, improving its efficiency is essential due to the fact that the result is always worth the effort.

The most basic and simplest step toward automating your workflow is to cut down the wasted time. Certainly, people invented communication in order to save time and effort. The downside of such invention is that we waste time on constantly checking e-mail services or replying to numerous instant messages, while this very time could be used to do the work. On the other hand, many companies implement special workflow trackers that promote communication between staff and enhance the quality of work, coordination and cooperation between the departments. However, in order to stay in touch with the managers and not be distracted by constant bugging it is a common practice to check for new instant messages or e-mails only a few times a day.

Distractions constitute a rather small portion of time waste, while there are many other factors that slow down the workflow. One of them is attempting to break down a large task onto smaller portions of work. It is a proven fact that any job can be done more efficiently and a lot faster if a person dedicates at least of few hours straight to finish it. Frequent breaks are distracting your mind and are usually enough to forget about the job, wasting your time on recapping what you have already done before the break.

Complicated procedures and tasks that can be encountered in large organizations and companies require a complex approach. These companies often deploy tracking software that helps managers assign tasks to different employees and report to the head staff as soon as the task is done. These systems are aimed to not only simplify manager’s work but to also help the employees keep their arm on pulse of the organization. All the staff members can check for deadlines and cooperate on the tasks that are part of one project.

All things considered, whether you are a manager an employee of a rather big organization, or if you are working on your own business, it is important to consider using workflow automation techniques that will help you be more efficient and save your own time, money and effort.

Best gadgets for travelers

May 24th, 2013

Those who can’t live without new exciting impressions that only travelling can give, know one simple rule of a successful travel: you should take with you on the road less stuff and more money. And in order to not get bored on the way to the point of your destination, don’t forget to pack your favorite gadgets! Don’t know what might come in handy during your vacation? Here are some of the devices I would recommend to travelers:

Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine even several days of our lives without using Internet. But laptops might be too heavy, especially if you are travelling light, and I would recommend you not to take your laptop, cause it will provide too many distractions. Instead you can finally appreciate all the hidden features of your pc tablet or smartphone. Both will be just enough for posting your new pictures, replying to emails and watching youtube videos. And think beforehand whether you need a camera or not, because nowadays some smartphone models feature impressive 13MP cameras, and once again: posting pictures is so much easier using your phone.

There is nothing more scary than getting lost in a completely strange city, so don’t forget to put emergency portable charger in your bag: it’s rather small but is capable to fully charge your phone, which is what you need to make a call to your family to say you’re ok and then call a taxi.

fand_trakdot_01_jan2013Luggage tracker is something everyone who considers themselves unlucky should have in possession. With the help of special application this gadget will show you the exact location of your bag or suitcase, so you will always be able to track it.

If you are used to travelling by car you might want to install small but very helpful device – GSM repeater for car. This gadget will allow you to make phone calls while you are traveling from one coverage zone to another and share exciting story about new places you’ve seen without any interruptions. And if you happen to travel with kids you might want to use 3G repeater AnyTone AT4800; that way your kids will be occupied with games and mobile TV and won’t distract you from the driving.

As you might have noticed, I believe that traveling without a bag full of laptops, cameras and gadgets is so much better and much less stressful, because losing or damaging your phone, which is, by the way, a real possibility during any travel, is one thing and losing your whole gadget arsenal is completely different! So at least couple of times a year take some time off technologies and try using only the ones that are completely necessary, that way you are guaranteed to get so much more impressions from new places!

Safaricom is looking for new ideas for mobile applications

May 21st, 2013

The largest telecommunications company in Kenya – Nairobi – is sponsoring a competition that aims to use youth’s technological innovations and help young people develop the ideas into working moneymaking mobile applications.



Taking into consideration the success and missteps of the Safaricom AppStar Challenge of last year this year’s AppWiz Incubation Challenge has partnership with different telecommunications and technology companies to help top developers deploy their mobile applications to the market.

Among the partners of this year’s Safaricom Developer Challenge are Samsung, iLabAfrica – a research centre in Nairobi, and Invested Development – an investment management firm based in the USA and Nairobi.

Bob Collymore, Safaricom chief executive officer, said that there are many young talented developers in Kenya with bright ideas but who have no opportunity to make these ideas come true. So, he added, that the competition aims to help the young developers turn the ideas into real working products.

Kenya is considered as the leading country on the continent in the sphere of mobile phone usage but there was a lack in developing their own applications for mobile phones. And the winning concepts may be transformed into commercially viable projects.

The Safaricom Development Challenge will offer a grand prize of $ 17.900 to the individual or team that presents the best concept for a mobile application focusing on one of seven categories: health, finance, education, utilities, entertainment, transportation, public safety and security. The prize for the second position will be $ 11.900 and the winner in each of the seven categories will receive $ 2.380.

Though candidates can participate as individual mobile developers they are encouraged to form teams of three people and apply for the competition on Safaricom’s portal by June 29th. The judges will evaluate the entries and select 18 applicants to participate in three-month development phase.

Wikimedia launches a new mobile application to help share photos to Wikipedia

May 2nd, 2013

In case if somebody has ever wondered what is the source of all those images in Wikipedia the answer is definitely Wikimedia Commons – a project that was set by Wikimedia Foundation with a view to create an online repository of images and other media files.

Recently the Wikimedia Commons project has officially presented its native mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems after an extended beta period.

Though most users of Wikipedia – the largest project of Wikimedia Foundation – were able to upload their images with the help of Web browser it was decided to create a native mobile application. With the application it is easier for users to take a snap with their pocket camera and upload it right on the spot.

In March this year the beta version of the application was launched on Google Play. The iOS beta version was distributed on an opt-in invite basis.

The Android version of the application allows users to upload multiple files and also add categories. However the applications for both platforms are very simple in the possibility of snapping directly from within the application or import the images stored on the device. Users can also add a title to the image and some description and then upload it to the relevant category.

But users are not allowed to sign up for an account directly through the mobile application – it will be needed to do that through the Web-based incarnation.

Maryana Pinchuk, Associate Product Manager at Wikimedia Foundation, said that they hope to add more features and make the application easier to browse and discover all the content.

Today Wikimedia Commons holds in the region of 16 million files – the amount that may increase with the launch of the mobile applications.


Internet marketing trends and ideas

May 1st, 2013

images (2)By no doubt internet marketing is a very fast developing sphere that attracts a lot of people every year. 2012 online marketing can be summed up as the year of big brands, mobile platforms and Google updates. The best way to understand the new trends that appear in 2013 is to look back into previous years, due to the fact that the best internet marketing ideas of today and yesterday will keep developing in the future. Here are some of the current internet marketing trends and ideas.

1. Switching to mobile. Although over 75% of world population has access to mobile devices, many companies still have not taken advantage of the opportunity to make their websites mobile-friendly. Mobile application development is another similar field that is gaining popularity with every day.

2. Introducing gaming to non-game applications became a very popular trend called “gamification”. Many companies chose this approach to attract a broader audience and to make their applications more fun, interesting and engaging.

3. Data visualization recently became very popular in the internet. Companies tend to visualize data in simple to understand and beautifully looking ways. In 2013 this idea is going even further since the companies around the world decide to publish more data in order to show the “openness” of their business.

4. As people become willing to share opinions or just share information on products they like, internet marketers start providing numerous possibilities to enable customers do so. Primarily, it costs less to retain a customer than to attract a new one. Secondly, customer opinion makes a good commercial by itself. Therefore social networks, website feedback sections and blogs became the essential internet marketing instruments for many companies.

5. Analyzing what is popular and what has to be done is a top priority sphere for every company. Understanding your market, setting priorities for issues and tracking the tasks that are aimed to resolve them are essential parts of successful internet marketing. Everyday companies implement new time saving and time management techniques that help them sort out the flow of ideas and issues, prioritize and effectively solve them.

All in all, the 2013 will definitely improve the existing internet marketing techniques. However, there is no progress without new ideas, such as “gamification” of traditional mobile and online applications in order to advertise and attract even more customers. 2013 is not over yet and still has a lot to show us.